An artesian water is presented at the “PRODEXPO- 2020” Exhibition.

29.01.2020 12:24

“Kardgyn” company participates the biggest 27th International Exhibition for Food, Beverages, Food Raw Materials in Russian and East Europe “PRODEXPO-2020” in February 10-14 2020 ProdExpo features foodstuffs from across the globe, from essential food and beverages to exquisite speciality as well as organic, sport and healthy food, halal, kosher, and exotic products.

“Kardgyn” company presents on the exhibition one of its main products – high quality artesian water “Bagaevskaya”. “Kardgyn” company delivers high quality artesian water for wholesale and retail. Extraction and bottling is located in the South part of East Ciscaucasian Artesian basin from well № 8 that is 120 meters depth. The Artesian water well is reliably protected from groundwater and pollution due to dense clays and cemented conglomerates. You can use “Bagaevskaya” water without boiling. “Bagaevskaya” water has its optimal mineral composition that is drinkable without any restrictions.

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